Mocktails vs Cocktails

Cocktails have your heart but are they really doing something beneficial for you? You love them, but do they love you back? Don’t think so. How about getting rid of this one-sided relationship and having a look at the better option, a mocktail. What are mocktails, and how are they any different from regular cocktails? Let’s find out.

What Are Mocktails?

Mocktails – you guessed it right, they are mock cocktails. Non-alcoholic festive beverages that perfectly imitate cocktails, their look and flavor minus the alcohol. Mocktails are a smooth blend of drinks such as fruits, juices, creams, or syrups without the presence of any sort of alcoholic content.

Can Mocktails Improve Health?

The main difference between a mocktail and a cocktail lies in the absence of alcohol. The good news is that there are many health benefits related to it; here are top 5 described for you:

  • Increased nutrients: mocktails at home are an excellent way to improve your health, boosts immunity, and what not, the options are endless. Some of the examples are adding up fruits for antioxidants or mints and spices for a metabolic boost.
  • Goodbye to Hangovers: there is more than one contributor when it comes to a hangover, but there are two main ones, namely, dehydration and alcohol. Also, alcohol greatly messes up your sleeping ability and leaves you feeling fogged in the morning, mocktail would not do that.
  • No Addiction: Forget about becoming a mock-aholic. Cut the alcohol and reduce that risk.
  • Hydration: In contrast to alcohol – a diuretic, mocktails help hydrate your body more so if you make coconut and sparkling water as your mocktail drink’s base.
  • Safe Beverage: It is a safe drink to consume by anyone, be it an adult, a child, or the elderly. This includes pregnant women as well. Moreover, if you suffer from a chronic illness, mocktails are a tasty alternative that won’t compromise your health any further.

Ingredients for Mocktails

There is always a way to make things unhealthy, so it is very important that you make the right decisions in order to take advantage of its benefits. Some of the common changes you can go for is the use of less sugar, use water instead of a soda etc. Here is a general list of bases that are healthy and non-healthy.

Healthy options

  • Sparkling water
  • Berry juice
  • Unsweetened cranberry juice
  • Pomegranate juice
  • Kombucha
  • Coconut water and milk

Non–Healthy Alternatives

  • Sodas
  • Sweet juices
  • Energy drink
  • Tonic water


The great news is that Filli Café has a variety of delicious mocktails that will quench your thirst this summer without having to compromise on health. Visit us today for a flavorsome blast.